Vania Vananina

Expression of color and joy!




Get creative in this fun printmaking workshop! I'll teach you how to print custom shapes and patterns on a tote bag or tea towel for you to keep. 



Play with clay and hand-build your  perfect mug, planter or other custom pieces.



Jump start your creativity with engaging exercises across different mediums and rediscover the joy of creating something with your hands. 

Printmaking testimonials

 “I had such a great time at Vania's printmaking class! Her personality really made the experience and she really tailors the class around you. I would definitely take another class from her!”

- Audrey M.

 “Vania is an amazing teacher, very patient, loving and involved. I learned a lot, felt supported and had a lot of fun.”

- Emilee H.

“This is a one of kind experience as Vania is constantly adjusting to the group’s vibe and always creating an inclusive atmosphere where everybody learns and has fun at the same time.”  

- Juan U.

Ceramics Testimonials

We all learned a lot from each other and created art in the process. This was a really good experience for us.”

- Christopher S.

 “We left feeling uplifted and excited. It was an absolute pleasure. This is a fun and unique activity for all!”

- Grecia L.

“Vania really does exemplify everything we hoped to get (and more!) from this experience - deep passion for her work, a warm and patient teaching style, and consummate professionalism. We cannot recommend her more highly...we all left the studio feeling inspired and closer to one another.”

- Josh W.

Creativity Workshop Testimonials

 “We did a ton of engaging activities! It was an empowering experience and the whole workshop left me feeling renewed, inspired and content. Thank you for an incredible day, Vania!”

- Robyn M.

"I participated in fun exercises that I wouldn't have participated before, but Vania's leadership made a huge difference. She has such positive energy! It was nice to get away from my daily routine, I now feel relaxed and empowered to tackle new challenges!"

- Jen D.

Vania’s creatvitiy workshop inspired me to rediscover my inner child. Her warm personality made me feel safe to creatively explore, experiment and play in ways I haven’t in a long time! I felt connected to myself and everyone in the room.

– Maia B.